Sunday, 15 August 2010

15th August, 1873

Dear reader,

opened my paper this morning and nearly fainted into the marmalade. The headline read "Women's demand suffrage". Can the time really have come? Is it on the horizon, sailing into view like a vessel on the ocean? Could the day really soon be coming, where women would be allowed to vote?

Reader, I DO HOPE NOT!!! The whole thing made me violently sick, before i turned blue and had to be carried to my room. The very thought...I know that if *I* ever stumbled across a ballot paper, entirely by accident, my tiny delicate brain would be overcome by the lists of lovely men to choose from, and I would no doubt make a heinous mistake and eat the paper instead. Also, I cannot read.

Lunched in town today, delighted to find several women chained to railings-hopefully their husbands would remember to pick them up when they returned from their clubs!

Appertly there is a new serial killer in town-Lord Primark promised to take me to see his work, and also "Cholera! The musical!" at the Edinburgh festival, a terrible dirty nothern city where I once lost my favourite hat. It had a live peacock strapped to the top.

More tomorrow, I have to brush my wig before bed